Presenting Company Criteria

This list defines the basic criteria a company must meet to be considered as a presenting company to OSEA Angel Investors. The presenting company is given 15 minutes during a screening meeting, to conduct their presentation including Q&A. Once a company is approved to present, they must complete a presenting company application before a screening spot can be scheduled. OSEA Angel Investors is an angel investment group that introduces start up opportunities to our members. We are not a fund nor do we guarantee funding or interest from our membership.

  1. Business Sector and Differentiator – Is the company in a sector that is of interest to OSEA Angel Investors (we are industry agnostic), possess disruptive technology, has a high barrier of entry, has demonstrated a go to market strategy and has established and measured metrics to track growth.
  2. Business Model - Must have a proven business model and in growing MRR (monthly recurring revenue).
  3. Team – Leadership with relevant background, key alliance partners and industry advisors. Founder must have built, scaled and sold a business.
  4. Current Cap Table - Founders are investors in the company, we look at seed and bridge to A rounds.
  5. Lead Investors – Must have a lead investor from a syndication partner angel group or a known angel investor. Pre negotiated term sheets with favorable terms and valuation to OSEA Angel Investors is strongly considered.
  6. Burn Rate – Must have 18 months of working capital in the bank to support monthly burn rate.
  7. Exit – Exit strategy is identified and predicted within 2-7 years.

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